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Experience Paros like a Local

Paros' wine

Τhe Parian wine is tasty and it is characterized by extreme quality. It accompanies every meal and feast on the island, making it special. The vineyards are extended in 6.000 acres across the island while huge amounts of wine are produced every year. Monemvasia, Mandilaria, Malagouzia, Roditis, Asyrtiko are some of the varieties that are produced. The small vineyards are scattered throughout the island and are ready to offer you delicious local wine tastes during your holidays.

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Naoussa Fish Festival

The Fish Festival in Naousa was invented by a group of fishermen in the 70s. The festival is held annually on the first Sunday of July,
The festival is always attended by musicians and local bands, while traditional dances and songs create a wonderful summer atmosphere. All the participants of this feast are offered tasty delicacies with fish and sumptuous local wine. The Fish Festival in Naousa will create unforgettable moments and will make your holidays Special.

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Festival of Karavolas at Lefkes

The Festival of Karavolas is a folklore festival held at Lefkes, one of the traditional villages of Paros. The festival is annual and it takes place on the first Saturday after 15 August. Karavolas is one of the largest events held at Lefkes and Paros for the last twenty-five years. Karavolas is the Parian expression used to describe the large snail, so the feast is a great opportunity to celebrate the gastronomic love for karavolas snails. There are also delicious dishes served, including karavoles with garlic sauce, tasty local cheeses and plenty of local wine.The fest, the dancing and the traditional songs last until the next morning, making people spend unforgettable moments. If you are in Paros in late August, the village of Lefkes and the Festival of Karavolas are definitely worth visiting. Don’t miss this legendary feast.

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Recommended restaurants in Paros

Ιn Paros you will find delicious and authentic Cycladic flavors. The gastronomic wealth of Paros Island and the grand variety of local dishes and fresh ingredients will excite you, giving you a unique island touch in your holidays.

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